2017 November Calendar Template Download For Word, Excel, Blank

2017 November Calendar Template: November is the eleventh month of Gregorian calendar which is known to have 30 days. Today we are going to allow you download November 2017 calendar template for MS Word, Excel as well as Blank calendars for free. Yes, all calendars templates are available for free right over here. This is fourth and last month to have total of 30 days out of all months in Gregorian calendar. Initially, this month was the ninth month in ancient Roman calendar before the addition of January and February. The month got its name from the Latin word “Novem” which simply means ninth. This month is considered as the month of late-spring in the Southern Hemisphere and late autumn in Northern Hemisphere.

2017 November Calendar Template Word Download

Brace yourselves to download free calendar template of November 2017. This calendar is downloadable as well as editable also. You can edit it after downloading. Simply click the link given below and save it to your mobile, PC etc. so that you can edit it later.

2017 November Calendar Template Download

Download 2017 November Calendar Template

November was referred to as Blotmonap by the Anglo Saxons. Thanksgiving day is the most popular holiday of this month. This day is observance which is held on the 4th Thursday of November month. In 1623, the first even Thanksgiving was given by the pilgrims in 1623. In 1863, it became an official holiday by the President Lincoln. In the modern World of today, it is celebrated as family gatherings which includes traditional dish.

Free November 2017 Calendar Template 2017 Nov Calendar Template November 2017 Calendar Template Free Download

November 2017 Excel Calendar Template Download

Now get ready to download Excel calendar template of November month. When it comes to manage office work in spreadsheet, Excel do it job very well. Thanks to Microsoft for providing such a great application for helping millions. You might be looking for November 2017 calendar template. So don’t search anymore. Presenting you free excel calendar template for the month of November. Have a look.

2017 November Excel calendar download

Download November 2017 Excel Calendar Template

On the first Saturday of November, Sadie Hawkins is celebrated. It was actually invented by a cartoonist, Al Capp, who created the L’ll Abner strip. It is a day when girls and women can ask their favorite boy or man to a dance. Interesting!November 2017 Excel Calendar Template

Download November 2017 Excel Calendar Template

Download 2017 November Calendar Template

We are now presenting you free blank calendars of November month. Such calendars are helpful for those who likes to schedule their month with important events and projects. Actually, it is cool idea to save calendars with upcoming events. After downloading, you can edit this calendar with beautiful colors, styling and designs. So go ahead and grab your calendar.

2017 November blank calendar download

Download 2017 November Blank Calendar Template

November 2017 Calendar With Holidays

This month also comes with some big festivals and events. Lots of holidays are celebrated in this month across the World. As we have discussed earlier, the month brings Thanksgiving Day and this time it is falling on 23rd of November. On the very next day, Blank Friday or you can say shopping day will be celebrated which means you are going to have huge discounts on that day.

Holiday Date Day Holiday type
All Saint’s Day 1 Nov 2017 Wednesday Christian
All Soul’s Day 2 Nov 2017 Thursday Christian
Veterans Day 10 Nov 2017 Saturday Federal Holiday
Thanksgiving Day 23 Nov 2017 Thursday Federal Holiday
President’s Day 24 Nov 2017 Friday State Holiday
Lincoln’s Birthday 24 Nov 2017 Friday State Holiday
Black Friday 24 Nov 2017 Friday State Holiday
Cyber Monday 27 Nov 2017 Monday Observance

On the second of November 1889, South Dakota became the 40th state of the United States. This month is also known for Peanut Butter Lovers Month, National Good Nutrition Month, National Pepper Month, National Sleep Comfort Month, Aviation History Month.

See complete list of 2017 November Holidays Calendar. In Northern Hemisphere, the cycle seasons becomes most obvious as the harvest is complete and the plants are in their winter mode. The birthstones of this month are Topaz and Citrine. Chrysanthemum is the birth flower of November month. So download free calendar templates of November 2017 and do share this page with others to help them in finding free calendar templates.

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