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August 2017 Calendar With Holidays In USA, UK, Canada, India, Australia

August 2017 Calendar Holidays: The eighth month in the Gregorian Calendar is approaching so you should start your planning. Today, we are going to talk about the holidays in the month of August 2017 in countries like United States [USA], United Kingdom [UK / England / Great Britain], New Zealand, India and Australia. If you are living in any of these counties and wants to know the holidays of August 2017, then this article is for you. In Latin, it was named as Sextilis and was 6th month in Roman Calendar. In order to honor Augustus Caesar, the name was changed to August in 8 BCE for his greatest triumphs in this month. Now let’s back to the topic for which you visited this page.

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United States
United Kingdom

August 2017 Calendar With Holidays In United States [USA]

August month will start on Tuesday in United States. With 31 total days, this month will have 5 Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays. There will be total of three observances in the month of August 2017 for United States. These three holidays are Purple Heart Day, National Aviation Day and Women’s Equality Day. The dates and days for holidays are mentioned as:

Holidays [United States]DateDayHoliday type
Tisha B’Av1 AugTuesdayJewish Holiday
Colorado Day1 AugTuesdayLocal Observance
Purple Heart Day7 AugMondayObservance
Victory Day14 AugMondayState Holiday
Assumption of Mary15 AugTuesdayChristian
National Aviation Day19 AugSaturdayObservance
Women’s Equality Day26 AugSaturdayObservance

august 2017 calendar with usa holidays

Download August 2017 USA Holidays Calendar

Now check out holiday calendar of United Kingdom.

UK August 2017 Calendar With Holidays

All England citizens, brace yourselves for more than 3 holidays in the month of August. This is also the month in which England’s top flight Football League [Premier League] kicks off. Although it is not a holiday, but still it is a big day for England Football fans. August 2017 holidays includes Friendship Day, Civic Holiday and more. Take a look on the complete list of England holidays falling in August.

Holidays [United Kingdom]DateDayHoliday type
Summer Bank Holiday7 AugMondayLocal
Janmashtami14 AugMondayHindu Holiday
Assumption of Mary15 AugTuesdayChristian
Ganesh Chaturthi25 AugFridayHindu Holiday
Summer Bank Holiday28 AugMondayLocal

august 2017 calendar with uk holidays

Download August 2017 UK Holidays Calendar

Now check out holiday calendar of Canada.

August 2017 Calendar With Holidays In Canada

In Canada, two most famous festivals of August month falls every year. The first one is Civic holiday that falls on seventh. It will be celebrated on first Monday of this month. The second one is Discovery Day which comes on 21st [third Monday of 2017]. Along with these two holidays, one more festival i.e. National Acadian Day.

Holidays [Canada]DateDayHoliday type
Regatta Day2 AugWednesdayLocal
Civic Holiday7 AugMondayLocal
Gold Cup Parade18 AugFridayLocal
Discovery Day21 AugMondayLocal

august 2017 calendar with canada holidays

Download August 2017 Canada Holidays Calendar

Now check out holiday calendar of India.

Indian Holidays Calendar For August Month 2017

The nation is known for celebrating festivals. In the month of August, Indians will celebrate six festivals including the Independence Day. The first festival is Friendship Day which is an observance. Three festivals – Independence Day, Janmashtami and Thanksgiving Day falls on same day [15 August 2017]. India will celebrate Raksha Bandhan [Rakhi] before these three festivals. Another popular festival i.e. Ganesh Chaturthi or Vinayaka Chaturthi will be celebrated on this month. Check out the dates and days for these Indian events.

HolidayDateDayHoliday type
Friendship Day6 Aug 2017SundayObservance
Raksha Bandhan [Rakhi]7 Aug 2017MondayRestricted Holiday
Independence Day15 Aug 2017TuesdayGazetted Holiday
Janmashtami15 Aug 2017TuesdayGazetted Holiday
Thanksgiving Day15 Aug 2017TuesdayObservance
Ganesh Chaturthi25 Aug 2017FridayRestricted Holiday

august 2017 calendar with india holidays

Download August 2017 India Holidays Calendar

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Australia Holidays In August 2017 Calendar

Australian people will celebrate two festivals in this month. Plan something excitement as Picnic Day is coming in this month on 7th of August. Nine days later, Ekka People’s Day will fall on 16th August 2017.

Holidays [Australia]DateDayHoliday type
New South Wales Bank Holiday7 AugMondayState Holiday
Northern Territory Picnic Day7 AugMondayState Holiday
Royal National Agricultural Show Day Queensland16 AugWednesdayState Holiday

august 2017 calendar with australia holidays

Download August 2017 Australia Holidays Calendar

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August 2017 Calendar With Holidays in Ireland

There is only one Irish holiday in August month and it’s a national holiday on 7th for August Bank holiday. It falls on first Monday of this month and is intended to provide a three day weekend holidays for students and for workers.

HolidayDateDayHoliday type
August Bank Holiday7 AugMondayNational Holiday

august 2017 calendar with ireland holidays

Download August 2017 Ireland Holidays Calendar

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