Download December 2017 Calendars Wallpapers, Desktop Background

December 2017 Calendars Wallpapers: Download beautiful, HD desktop background wallpapers for the month of December are available right over here. Decorate your mobile or PC or computer background with advanced desktop wallpapers of December month crafted for you. The last month of this year is beginning on Friday. It will have total of 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays. Brace yourselves as we are going to share free December 2017 Calendars Wallpapers. Have a look!

Download December 2017 Calendars Wallpapers In HD

December 2017 Calendars Wallpapers December 2017 Calendars Wallpapers

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December 2017 Calendars Wallpapers December 2017 Calendars Wallpapers

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December 2017 Calendars Wallpapers

All these December calendar wallpapers are available for free. Just select the best wallpaper and save it to your mobile or PC or tablet etc. Or you can download all of them without paying anything.

When this month was formed, it had 29 days, but later December became the twelfth month and got two more days. The month got its name from the Latin word decem because it was originally the tenth month of the year in the Roman calendar. December month brings the winter season along with holidays. It is also considered as calm month with fresh air.

Festivals and Observances in December 2017

Festival Date Festival type
The Prophet’s Birthday 1 Dec 2017 Muslim
First Sunday of Advent 3 Dec 2017 Christian
St. Nicholas’ Day 6 Dec 2017 Observance
Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day 7 Dec 2017 Observance
Feast of Immaculate Conception 12 Dec 2017 Christian
Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe 12 Dec 2017 Observance
Chanukah / Hanukkah [1st Day] 13 Dec 2017 Jewish holiday
National Guard Birthday 13 Dec 2017 Observance
Pan American Aviation Day 17 Dec 2017 Observance
Wright Brothers Day 17 Dec 2017 Observance
Last Day of Chanukah 20 Dec 2017 Jewish holiday
December Solstice 21 Dec 2017 Season
Christmas Eve 24 Dec 2017 State holiday
Christmas Day 25 Dec 2017 Federal holiday
Kwanzaa 26 Dec 2017 Observance
Day After Christmas Day 26 Dec 2017 State holiday
Washington’s Birthday 26 Dec 2017 Stage holiday
New Year’s Eve 31 Dec 2017 State holiday

So download these free December 2017 calendar wallpapers and make your desktop background more stylish. It will also help you in making your reminders. Now hit the social buttons below and share these wallpapers with others.

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