2018 Blank Calendar Monthly Templates Free Download

Download 2018 monthly blank calendar templates of all months. Free blank printable calendar template of 2018 from January to December available for download. What are your plannings for this new year? Whatever your planning would be, you might need a blank calendar that will make things easier for you. A Blank calendar is not less than your personal assistant. It reminds you important tasks, plan your whole month and it can be easily imported to any device. You might need such an assistant calendar and we have just what you are looking for. Calendarbuzz presenting you free 2018 monthly blank calendars of each and every month.

Blank January 2018 Monthly Calendar Printable Download

As it is the first month of Gregorian calendar, so let’s start from it. The first day of January is New Year’s Day. It is the coldest month in the Northern Hemisphere. January is the seasonal equivalent of July in the Northern hemisphere. It got its name after the Latin ianua which means door, since January is door to all upcoming months resembling to new beginnings. It is also said that January is named after Janus who is known as god of beginnings.

Downloading blank calendar of January 2018 is very easy. We have provided an image of the calendar below which a downloading link is also available. You just need to click on the link and you Blank 2018 January calendar will be downloaded automatically.

January 2018 Blank Monthly Calendar Download

Download January 2018 Blank Calendar Template

Download February 2018 Blank Calendar Template

First say Goodbye to January and then Welcome February. This month is the shortest or you can say the month with least number of days. Generally it consists of 28 days unless leap year which consists of 29 days. Leap year is a quadrennial year which comes after every 4 years and has 366 days. In Northern Hemisphere, it is the third month of winter season. The name “February” was named after Latin word februum. It means purification. January and February are the two last months added to Roman calendar by Numa Pompilius.

Now it’s time to download free blank calendar of February 2018. Given below blank calendar is downloadable, editable and printable also. A user can save, make changes on it and then can collect a hard copy of it. Go ahead and get your free blank calendar. Feel free to download 2018 monthly planner calendar.

February 2018 Blank Monthly Calendar Download

Download February 2018 Blank Calendar Template

Blank March 2018 Calendar Template Free Download

We are now in the third month of this year. After January, March is the 2nd month which has 31 days. March name was named after the Roman god “Mars”. He was also considered as the guardian of agriculture. In Northern Hemisphere, March is the 1st moth of Spring and 1st month of fall Autumn in Southern Hemisphere. In Finnish, March month is called as maaliskuu. In Ukraine, the month is known as березень/berezen which simply means birch tree.

First day of March is coming with a Jewish holiday called Purim. Talking about the symbols of this month, Aquamarine and bloodstone are the birthstones of this month. People born in this month have Pisces and Aries zodiac signs. We’ve talk a lot about this month and now it’s time to download the calendar you want.

March 2018 Blank Monthly Calendar Download

Download March 2018 Blank Calendar Template

April 2018 Blank Calendar Template

April is the fourth month in Gregorian calendar. This is the month on calendar year to have 30 days. In early Roman calendar, April was the second month as January and February were added later. Blank calendar of April month are very useful not only for school or college going students, but also handy for job persons. It had 29 days before the addition of two months. Diamond is the birthstone of April. Daisy or Bellis Perennis is the birth flower. Aries and Taurus are the zodiac signs of this month. Those who are looking for blank calendar template of April month can proceed further.

April 2018 Blank Monthly Calendar

Download April 2018 Blank Calendar

May 2018 Blank Calendar Template

Welcome to the fifth month of 2018 i.e. May. Get ready to download May 2018 blank calendar available for free. It is the third month with 31 days total. May in the Southern Hemisphere is the seasonal equivalent of November in Northern Hemisphere. Name of this month was named after the Greek goddess Maia who was Goddess of fertility. May this month brings more Joy and Success to you. Keep on reading to download blank template.

May 2018 Blank Monthly Calendar

Download May 2018 Blank Calendar

So download these free blank calendars and start scheduling your month.

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