2018 Calendar With Holidays From January To December

2018 Calendar With Holidays: Download free printable calendars with holidays of all 12 months from January to December. Plan your month with our editable and printable holidays calendar of January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December. Everyone needs a holiday and everyone needs the calendar. Calendarbuzz is the place where you’ll get your desired calendars without paying anything. Almost all holidays including public holidays, observances, restricted and gazetted holidays are covered in this page. Good thing is that you can download printable holidays calendar of 2018. As these are editable, you can write whatever you want. So let’s start!

2018 Calendar With Holidays Printable Download

We are now in 2018 of the 21st century which is known as a digital century. In this digital World, a calendar has played a crucial role. Some people like to work on holidays that makes them different from the others. For such people, we have crafted holidays calendar for the 2018 year that could be very handy for scheduling your work. Holidays of United States, United Kingdom, Canada and some other nations are covered in our holiday calendars. Kindly scroll down for your stuff.

2018 Calendar With Holidays Download

Download 2018 Calendar with holidays

2018 January Calendar With Holidays

2018 January Calendar with Holidays


HolidayDateDayHoliday type
New Year’s Day1 Jan 2018MondayFederal Holiday
Epiphany6 Jan 2018SaturdayChristian
Orthodox Christmas Day7 Jan 2018SundayOrthodox
Lee Jackson Day12 Jan 2018FridayState Holiday
Stephen Foster Memorial Day13 Jan 2018SaturdayObservance
Martin Luther King Jr. Day15 Jan 2018MondayFederal Holiday
State Holiday15 Jan 2018MondayState Holiday
Civil Rights Day15 Jan 2018MondayState Holiday
Robert E Lee’s Birthday15 Jan 2018MondayState Holiday
Kansas Day29 Jan 2018MondayObservance
Tu Bishvat / Tu B’Shevat31 Jan 2018WednesdayJewish holiday

February 2018 Calendar With Holidays

2018 February Holidays Calendar


HolidayDateDayHoliday type
National Freedom Day1 Feb 2018ThursdayObservance
Groundhog Day2 Feb 2018FridayObservance
National Wear Red Day2 Feb 2018FridayObservance
Rosa Parks Day4 Feb 2018SundayLocal observance
Lincoln’s Birthday12 Feb 2018MondayLocal observance
Maha Shivratri13 Feb 2018TuesdayHindu Holiday
Valentine’s Day14 Feb 2018WednesdayObservance
Chinese New Year16 Feb 2018FridayObservance
Elizabeth Peratrovich Day16 Feb 2018FridayLocal observance
President’s Day19 Feb 2018MondayFederal Holiday
Daisy Gatson Bates19 Feb 2018MondayState holiday
Linus Pauling Day28 Feb 2018WednesdayLocal Observance

March 2018 Calendar With Holidays

March 2018 Holidays Calendar


HolidayDateDayHoliday type
Purim1 Mar 2018ThursdayJewish holiday
St. David’s Day1 Mar 2018ThursdayObservance
Holi2 Mar 2018FridayHindu holiday
Texas Independence Day2 Mar 2018FridayState holiday
Evacuation Day observed16 Mar 2018FridayState holiday
St. Patrick’s Day17 Mar 2018SaturdayObservance
Palm Sunday25 Mar 2018SundayChristian
Seward’s Day26 Mar 2018MondayState holiday
Maundy Thursday29 Mar 2018ThursdayChristian
Good Friday30 Mar 2018FridayState holiday
Holy Saturday31 Mar 2018SaturdayChristian
Cesar Chavez Day31 Mar 2018SaturdayState holiday

April 2018 Holidays Calendar Printable Download

The fourth month of this year is beginning of Easter Sunday on the first day. One of the most popular festivals Patriot Day comes this month. The Confederate Memorial Day is on 23rd April with State Holiday on the same day. Arbor Day will be celebrated on 27th April in the United States.

April 2018 Calendar With Holidays


HolidayDateDayHoliday type
Easter Sunday1 Apr 2018SundayObservance, Christian
Pascua Florida Day2 Apr 2018MondayLocal observance
Orthodox Good Friday6 Apr 2018FridayOrthodox
National Tartan Day6 Apr 2018FridayObservance
Last Day Passover7 Apr 2018SaturdayJewish Holiday
Orthodox Holy Saturday7 Apr 2018SaturdayOrthodox
Orthodox Easter9 Apr 2018MondayOrthodox
National Library Worker’s Day10 Apr 2018TuesdayObservance
Yom HaShoah11 Apr 2018WednesdayJewish Holiday
Isra and Mi’raj13 Apr 2018FridayMuslim
Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday13 Apr 2018FridayObservance
Emancipation Day16 Apr 2018MondayState Holiday
Patriot’s Day16 Apr 2018MondayState Holiday
Tax Day17 Apr 2018TuesdayObservance
Yom Ha’atzmaut19 Apr 2018ThursdayJewish holiday
San Jacinto Day21 Apr 2018SaturdayState Holiday
Oklahoma Day22 Apr 2018SundayLocal observance
Confederate Memorial Day23 Apr 2018MondayState Holiday
State Holiday23 Apr 2018MondayState Holiday
Administrative Professionals Day25 Apr 2018WednesdayObservance
State Holiday26 Apr 2018ThursdayState Holiday
Arbor Day27 Apr 2018FridayState Holiday
State Holiday30 Apr 2018MondayState Holiday

Download Free May 2018 Calendar With Holidays

Welcome to the fifth month of this year. Plan this month with a printable holidays calendar which is available for free download. Three observances which are Law day, Loyalty day and Lei day are on 1st of May. Cinco de Mayo is on 5th followed by Truman day and Ascension day on 5th and 10th May. Muslim festival Ramadan starts on 16th May.

May 2018 Holidays Calendar


Holidays [United States]DateDayHoliday type
Law Day, Loyalty Day, Lei Day1 May 2018TuesdayObservance
National Day of Prayer3 May 2018ThursdayObservance
Kent State Shootings Remembrance4 May 2018FridayLocal Observance
Rhode Island Independence Day4 May 2018FridayLocal Observance
Cinco de Mayo5 May 2018SaturdayObservance
National Explosive Ordnance Disposal Day5 May 2018SaturdayObservance
National Nurses Day6 May 2018SundayObservance
Truman Day8 May 2018TuesdayState Holiday
Primary Election Day West Virginia8 May 2018TuesdayState Holiday
Ascension Day10 May 2018ThursdayChristian
Confederate Memorial Day10 May 2018ThursdayLocal Observance
State Holiday10 May 2018ThursdayState Holiday
Mother’s Day13 May 2018SundayObservance
Ramadan Starts16 May 2018WednesdayMuslim
Armed Forces Day19 May 2018FridayObservance
National Maritime Day25 May 2018FridayObservance
Memorial Day28 May 2018MondayFederal Holiday
Jefferson Davis Birthday28 May 2018MondayLocal Observance

June 2018 Calendar With Holidays

We are now in the 6th month of this year. Easily schedule and manage the month of June with editable, printable and downloadable June 2018 calendar. From the month of June, the 21st edition of FIFA World Cup will be held in Russia. Muslim festival Eid al-Fitr is falling in this month. There is a state holiday on 19th June which is Emancipation Day.

June 2018 Calendar Template With Holidays


Statehood day1 June 2018FridayLocal
Jefferson Davis Birthday4 June 2018SundayLocal
D-Day6 June 2018WednesdayObservance
Lailat al-Qadr10 June 2018SundayMuslim
Kamehameha Day11 June 2018MondayState holiday
Army Birthday14 June 2018ThursdayObservance
Flag Day14 June 2018ThursdayObservance
Eid al-Fitr15 June 2018FridayMuslim
Father’s Day17 June 2018SundayObservance
Bunker Hill Day17 June 2018SundayState holiday
Emancipation Day19 June 2018TuesdayState holiday
West Virginia Day20 June 2018WednesdayState holiday
American Eagle Day20 June 2018WednesdayObservance

July 2018 Calendar With Holidays

July is the 6th month of the year and it has 31 days. This year, it is beginning on Sunday so there will be five Sundays in July month. Talking about the holidays, only a few holidays are coming in July. There is only one Federal holiday which is Independence Day that will be celebrated on 4th of July.

July 2018 Calendar With Holidays Printable


Independence Day4 July 2018WednesdayFederal holiday
Tisha B’Av22 July 2018SundayJewish holiday
Parent’s Day22 July 2018SundayObservance
Pioneer Day24 July 2018TuesdayState holiday
National Korean War
Veterans Armistice Day
27 July 2018FridayObservance

August 2018 Calendar With Holidays

August is the second consecutive month in the Gregorian calendar with 31 days total. There is no Federal holiday in this month, but some state holidays and observances are coming in this month. Starting with the first day, there will be Colorado Day on 1st August. Victory Day is on 13th August and Raksha Bandhan on 25th August.

Colorado Day1 Aug 2018WednesdayLocal
Coast Guard Birthday4 Aug 2018SaturdayObservance
Purple Heart Day7 Aug 2018TuesdayObservance
Victory Day13 Aug 2018MondayState holiday
Assumption of Mary15 Aug 2018WednesdayChristian
Bennington Battle Day16 Aug 2018ThursdayState holiday
Statehood Day in Hawaii17 Aug 2018FridayState holiday
National Aviation Day19 Aug 2018SundayObservance
Senior Citizen Day21 Aug 2018TuesdayObservance
Eid-al-Adha22 Aug 2018WednesdayMuslim
Raksha Bandhan25 Aug 2018SaturdayHindu holiday
Women’s Equality Day26 Aug 2018SundayObservance
Lyndon Baines Johnson Day27 Aug 2018MondayState holiday

August 2018 Calendar With Holidays Printable


September 2018 Calendar With Holidays

The month of September comes with a Federal Holiday Labor Day. It will be celebrated on 3rd of September this year after Hindu festival Janmashtami on 2nd. Observances like National Grandparents Day, Patriot Day, Air Force Birthday comes in this month. Please go through all festivals below.

Janmashtami2 Sep 2018SundayHindu holiday
Labor Day3 Sep 2018MondayFederal holiday
National Grandparents Day9 Sep 2018SundayObservance
Rosh Hashana10 Sep 2018MondayJewish holiday
Patriot Day11 Sep 2018TuesdayObservance
Ganesh Chaturthi12 Sep 2018WednesdayHindu holiday
Muharram12 Sep 2018WednesdayMuslim
National CleanUp Day15 Sep 2018SaturdayObservance
Air Force Birthday18 Sep 2018TuesdayObservance
Yom Kippur19 Sep 2018WednesdayState holiday
First Day of Sukkot24 Sep 2018WednesdayJewish holiday
Last Day of Sukkot30 Sep 2018SundayJewish holiday

September 2018 Calendar With Holidays Printable


October 2018 Calendar With Holidays

Festivals like Columbus Day, Navaratri, Navy Birthday, Boss’s Day, Dusshera, Halloween are coming this month.

HolidayDateDayHoliday type
Shmini Atzeret1 Oct 2018MondayJewish holiday
Child Health Day11 Oct 2018MondayObservance
Simchat Torah2 Oct 2018TuesdayJewish holiday
Feast of St Francis of Assisi4 Oct 2018ThursdayChristian
Columbus Day8 Oct 2018MondayFederal holiday
Navaratri9 Oct 2018TuesdayHindu holiday
Navy Birthday13 Oct 2018SaturdayObservance
Boss’s Day16 Oct 2018TuesdayObservance
Dussehra18 Oct 2018ThursdayHindu holiday
Halloween31 Oct 2018ThursdayObservance

October 2018 calendar with holidays


November 2018 Calendar With Holidays

HolidayDateDayHoliday type
All Saints’ Day1 Nov 2018ThursdayChristian
All Souls’ Day2 Nov 2018FridayChristian
Diwali/Deepavali6 Nov 2018TuesdayHindu holiday
Veterans Day11 Nov 2018SundayFederal holiday
The Prophet’s Birthday21 Nov 2018WednesdayMuslim
Thanksgiving Day22 Nov 2018ThursdayFederal holiday
President’s Day23 Nov 2018FridayState holiday
Black Friday23 Nov 2018FridayObservance
Cyber Monday26 Nov 2018MondayObservance

November 2018 Calendar With Holidays Printable


December 2018 Calendar With Holidays

HolidayDateDayHoliday type
First Sunday of Advent2 Dec 2018SundayChristian
Chanukah3 Dec 2018MondayJewish
St Nicholas’ Day6 Dec 2018ThursdayObservance
Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day7 Dec 2018FridayObservance
Washington’s Birthday24 Dec 2018MondayState holiday
Christmas Day25 Dec 2018TuesdayFederal holiday
New Year’s Eve31 Dec 2018MondayObservance

December 2018 Calendar With Holidays Printable


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