2018 January Calendar Template Free Download With Images, Pictures

2018 January Calendar Template: We are back with one more collection. Calendarbuzz presenting you the all new January 2018 calendar templates available for download. Templates are very helpful if you need to mark dates on your calendars. Out latest January calendars lets you to edit and create a complete schedule for the whole month. The very first month of Gregorian calendar of this year is going to begin on Monday, so it will have total of five Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Check out some January calendar templates that we have just shared with you.

2018 January Calendar Template Free Download

Name of this month came from Roman god Janus. When it was added to the calendar, Pompilius gave 30 days to January. Roman then made this month as the first month of year. In 46 BC, Julius Caesar added one more day to January. Hence, January is the first month in today’s calendar to have 31 days total.

2018 January Calendar Template

Download 2018 January Calendar Template

The above link will help you to download free calendar template for the month of January. After downloading, you can print or you can edit the calendar with special dates and events.

Before the addition of January, March was the first month in old Roman calendar. January month is also known for National Blood Donor Month, National Braille Literacy Month, National Soup Month, National Staying Healthy Month. On the third Monday of this month, United States celebrates Martin Luther King day.

There are some Ancient Roman observance in this month like Cervula and Juvenalia. Saxon term “Wulf-Monath” which means Wolf Month is one of January’s historical name. Traditionally, this month is called Januar. The name associated with millet bread and the act of asking for something, was first written in 1466 in Skofja Loka.

January is probably the coldest month of the year. In Finnish, the month of tammikuu refers to the heart of the winter and because the name literally means “oak moon”, it can be inferred that the oak tree is the heart of grand forest. A large tree covered with ice against a Blue sky is proof of it.

2018 January Calendar Templates Images

Along with calendar templates, we would like to show you some images of January month. You can save these pictures to your mobile, desktop, tablet or any device. All images and pictures are absolutely free and you don’t need to pay anything for them. Use Printable Calendar 2018 as your desktop background images or take a hard copy to hang them on your walls. Please scroll down this page for images.

2018 January Calendar Template 2018 January Calendar Template 2018 January Calendar Template

Above images of January 2018 are free for download and supportable for almost all types of devices. A user can download and take a print of these calendars.

2018 January Calendar With Holidays

On the very first day of the month, there will be New Year’s Day of-course. Christian festival Epiphany falls on 6th followed by Orthodox Christmas Day on 7th. 15th of January will be celebrated as Civil rights Day especially in Arizona and New Hampshire. Given below is the table featuring holidays in United States.

Holiday Day Date Holiday Type
New Year’s Day Monday 1 Jan 2018 Federal Holiday
Epiphany Saturday 6 Jan 2018 Christian
Orthodox Christmas Day Saturday 7 Jan 2018 Orthodox
Lee Jackson Day Friday 12 Jan 2018 State Holiday
Stephen Foster Memorial Day Sunday 13 Jan 2018 Observance
Orthodox New Year Monday 14 Jan 2018 Orthodox
Martin Luther King Jr. Day Monday 15 Jan 2018 Federal Holiday
Robert E Lee’s Birthday Monday 15 Jan 2018 State Holiday
Idaho Human Rights Day Monday 15 Jan 2018 State Holiday
Civil Rights Day Monday 15 Jan 2018 State Holiday
Robert E Lee’s Birthday Friday 19 Jan 2018 State Holiday
State Holiday Friday 19 Jan 2018 State Holiday
Kansas Day Monday 29 Jan 2018 Observance
Tu Bishvat / Tu B’Shevat Wednesday 31 Jan 2018 Jewish Holiday

January 2018 Printable Calendar PDF Download

PDF calendars comes very handy when you have no internet access. So this is why we are presenting you free PDF calendars of January month. Given below is the January calendar in PDF format that you can download for free. The first month of 2018 comes with New Year’s Day of-course. You might have New Year resolution which requires calendar. So here comes a calendar that is capable of fulfilling your demand.

January 2018 Calendar Printable PDF

Download January 2018 PDF Calendar

It doesn’t matter whether you are School or College going student. Even you are a job person, you can download these PDF calendars of January month. You just need to hit that download link and you’re done. The required calendar will be saved into your device.

So download January 2018 free calendar templates to your device. Check out free calendar template of February 2018. Stay tuned with us for more latest calendars of this month.

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