Amazing January 2018 Blank Calendar Template Free Download

January 2018 Blank Calendar: Welcome back to Calendarbuzz and today, we are sharing amazing and free blank calendars for the month of January 2018. Those who likes to schedule their month prefers to use blank calendars. Whether you are office going person or a student, you need blank calendar. It is also useful for home makers and for gym going person. We have also shared free January 2018 calendar templates that you may like to download to your device. The first month of 2018 is beginning on Monday and is named after the two faced Roman god Janus. Brace yourselves to download free blank calendar of January 2018.

January 2018 Blank Calendar Template Download

Before downloading the calendar, let’s talk a little bit more about this month. Janus god is known for the god of doors and this month is so called door to the year. Janus god represents all beginnings and possesses the ability to see all things past and future. January did not exist in Roman calendar that had 10 months. The month is warmest month in Southern Hemisphere and coldest in the Northern Hemisphere.

January 2018 Blank Calendar

Download 2018 January Blank Calendar Template

You need to click on the above link to download the blank calendar. After downloading, don’t forget to save these free images of blank calendars.

In 153 BC, the Roman Senate declared January as the first month of the beginning year. At the time of Middles ages, the Church remained opposed to celebrating New Year’s Day – it has only been celebrated in the western world for about 400 years. Different Christian feasts dates were used in the Middle Ages.

Free January 2018 Blank Calendars Download

This month begins on same day of the week as October. In other words, October and January begins on same day. It was originally consisted of 30 days when it was added. Later, a day was added that counted total of 31 days by Julius Caesar in 46 BCE. Do not forget to download January 2018 printable calendar. Look for free blank calendar of January 2018 below.

January 2018 Blank Calendar January 2018 Blank Calendar January 2018 Blank Calendar

The above calendars will help you to plan a vacation or a project. Just save them to your device and take a print of these. In United States, January month is known for California Dried Plum Digestive Health Month, Hot Tea Month, National Soup Month and Oatmeal Month. For more holidays of Jan month, you can visit January 2018 calendar with holidays. You can say this month as month of Food.

January 2018 Blank Excel Calendar

Let’s move on to Blank excel calendar of January month. We though you might be looking for excel spreadsheet calendar. Go ahead and grab it.

2018 January Blank Excel Calendar

Download January 2018 Excel Blank Calendar

January 2018 Excel Blank Calendar
January 2018 Excel Blank Calendar
Blank January 2018 Excel Calendar
Blank January 2018 Excel Calendar

What Are Birth Flower & Stone of January Month?

The birth flower of this month is the Dianthus caryophyllus or Galanthus. Birthstone of January is garnet which symbolizes constancy. Camellia is the Japanese floral emblem of this month, whereas Prunus mume is the Chinese floral emblem.

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