Philippines 2018 Calendar Printable

Download Philippines 2018 printable calendars in Word, Excel and PDF format for free. 2018 Philippines calendar printable, holidays calendar, excel calendar, pdf calendar of monthly and yearly. Fully editable, customizable print-friendly calendars in the Filipino language. Create and download your own Philippines calendar for this year that will help you in various tasks. Almost every format of the calendar is available on Calendarbuzz so that you don’t need to go anywhere. French 2018 calendar is also available for download.  Once you downloaded it, edit them by writing your important dates and meetings. In this way, you can use it as a reminder for your office or school or office work. All people of Philippines, get ready to save them.

Philippines 2018 Calendar Printable [Word]

Let’s begin with the most used document known as MS Word. Our Philippines calendar of 2018 is compatible with Microsoft Word that lets you write anything. It comes very friendly to schedule whole year. All you have to do is just make a click on the download link and that’s it. Spain 2018 printable calendar is now available for free download.  A Philippines calendar for this year is given below which a link is also available to save it. Go ahead and grab it for free.

2018 Philippines Calendar Printable
2018 Philippines Calendar Printable

Philippines 2018 Calendar Printable

Download Philippines 2018 Calendar

Philippines 2018 Calendar Printable [Excel]

Let’s move on to another calendar format. People who work on MS Excel might need 208 Excel calendar for their office or other use. If you are living in the Philippines and looking for this type of calendar, then you should stop your search. It is available in .xlsx spreadsheet format which means you can use it in Google Drive, Google Spreadsheet, Google Documents and other .xlsx extensions supportable software.

Philippines 2018 Excel Calendar

Download Philippines Excel Calendar

Philippines 2018 Calendar With Holidays

Time to find out which and how many holidays are coming in the Philippines this year? The Philippines is the nation in which people celebrate a few holidays. Beginning with the New Year’s Day, some regular holidays like Good Friday, The Day of Valor, Labor Day, Independence Day are holidays in 2018. There are just 10 regular holidays coming this year which includes National Heroes Day, Bonifacio Day, Christmas Day and Rizal Day. Please have a look at the Philippines 2018 holidays calendar.

Philippines 2018 Holidays Calendar
Philippines 2018 Holidays Calendar

Philippines 2018 Calendar With Holidays

Download Philippines Holidays Calendar

Holiday Date Day Holiday type
New Year’s Day 1 Jan 2018 Monday Regular holiday
Chinese Lunar New Year’s Day 16 Feb 2018 Friday Special Non-working
People Power Anniversary 25 Feb 2018 Sunday Observance
March Equinox 20 Mar 2018 Tuesday Season
Maundy Thursday 29 Mar 2018 Thursday Regular holiday
Good Friday 30 Mar 2018 Friday Regular holiday
Easter Sunday 1 Apr 2018 Sunday Observance
The Day of Valor 9 Apr 2018 Monday Regular holiday
Lailatul Isra Wal Mi Raj 13 Apr 2018 Friday Common Local holiday
Labor Day 1 May 2018 Tuesday Regular holiday
Independence Day 12 Jun 2018 Tuesday Regular holiday
Eidul-Fitar 16 Jun 2018 Saturday Muslim
June Solstice 21 Jun 2018 Thursday Season
Ninoy Aquino Day 21 Aug 2018 Tuesday Special non-working holiday
Id-ul-Adha 22 Aug 2018 Wednesday Common Local holiday
Id-ul-Adha 2 23 Aug 2018 Thursday Common Local holiday
National Heroes Day 27 Aug 2018 Monday Regular holiday
Amun Jadid 12 Sep 2018 Wednesday Muslim
September Equinox 23 Sep 2018 Sunday Season
All Saint’s Day 1 Nov 2018 Thursday Special Non-working holiday
All Soul’s Day 2 Nov 2018 Friday Observance
Maulid un-Nabi 21 Nov 2018 Wednesday Common Local holiday
Bonifacio Day 30 Nov 2018 Friday Regular holiday
Feast of the Immaculate Conception 8 Dec 2018 Saturday Observance
December Solstice 21 Dec 2018 Friday Season
Christmas Eve 24 Dec 2018 Monday Observance
Christmas Day 25 Dec 2018 Tuesday Regular holiday
Rizal Day 30 Dec 2018 Sunday Regular holiday
New Year’s Eve 31 Dec 2018 Monday Special Non-working holiday

Philippines 2018 Calendar PDF Printable

Want a PDF calendar also? Do not worry about its existence. Get ready to download free Philippines 2018 PDF calendar compatible with printing facility. Connect a printer to your PC or any device and take out a print copy. To do that, you need to click on the link below that will take you to a page featuring PDF calendar.

Philippines 2018 PDF Calendar

Download Philippines PDF Calendar

Philippines 2018 Planner Printable Calendar

Get ready for some planner calendars of this year so that you can plan every month. Achieve your goals with perfect planning using planners designed especially for you. It’s time to plan out how you’re going to be your best self! Planner calendars could be useful for travel planner, holidays planner, picnic planner, event planner etc. Based on your choice, we’ve shared various planner calendars for people of Philippines. Go through this collection and pick up the best for yourself.

2018 Philippines March Planner
2018 Philippines March Planner
July 2018 Philippines Planner
July 2018 Philippines Planner
Philippines 2018 Planner Printable
Philippines 2018 Planner Printable
Philippines 2018 Planner
Philippines 2018 Planner
Philippines 2018 Weekly Planner
Philippines 2018 Weekly Planner

So these are the Philippines 2018 calendars in MS Word, Excel, PDF with holidays. Hope you like this collection. Kindly share this Philippines calendar with others on Google+, Facebook, Twitter etc. Happy Printing!

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