2019 Moon Phases Printable Calendar [Full, New Moon]

Download 2019 moon phases printable calendar for each month of this year from January to December. Get full and new moon every night phases calendars for free. As the moon changes its phases every night, we can see a different moon every night. The phases of the moon are the different ways the Moon looks from Earth over about a month. Before downloading these calendars, we want to define that what is the phases of the moon actually? As the moon orbits around the Earth, the half of the moon that faces the Sun will be lit up. The different shapes of the lit portion of the Moon that can be seen from Earth are known as the phases of the Moon. This calendar is very useful for many purposes like Astrology. Start downloading the yearly and monthly printable calendars for free.

2019 Moon Phase Printable Calendar

First of all, we would like to present you 2019 yearly calendar of Moon phases. This calendar is featuring all 12 months with each days showing the phases of the Moon. Or you can say it is 12 months one-page moon phases calendar. As it is printable, anyone can download it and take a print copy anytime for various purposes. If you want a high-quality moon phases calendar of this year, then you’ve visited just at the correct place. Get your desired calendar.

2019 moon phases printable calendar

2019 moon phases calendar

2019 Monthly Moon Phases Calendar

There is a new moon after every 15 days. Two moon phases are the most important that you must know about. The first one is A New Moon and the second one is A Full Moon.

New Moon: It is when the Moon cannot be seen because we are looking at the unlit of the Moon. It occurs when the Moon is directly between the Earth and the Sun.

Full Moon: It is when the entire lit portion of the Moon. The full Moon phase occurs when the Moon is on the opposite side of the Earn from the Sun.

Now we are sharing the monthly moon phases calendar for each month of this year. Starting from January, download the free printable moon phases calendar for each day of every month.

january 2019 moon phases calendar

february 2019 moon phases calendar

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march 2019 moon phases calendar

april 2019 moon phases calendar

may 2019 moon phases calendar

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june 2019 moon phases calendar

Moon Phases 2019 Printable Calendar

Besides full and new moon, there is “Blue Moon” which occurs approximately every three years. A Blue moon can also refer to the third full moon in a season with four full moons. The remaining moon phases calendar of this year are available in this section. All of these are available for free.

july 2019 moon phases calendar

august 2019 moon phases calendar

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september 2019 moon phases calendar

october 2019 moon phases calendar

november 2019 moon phases calendar

december 2019 moon phases calendar

So these are the moon phases 2019 calendar for each month of this year. You can download them as many times as you want but make sure that you’ve shared these calendar with your buddies. Use the social buttons for the instant sharing. Have a great day ahead!

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