February 2019 Printable Calendar Templates Download

Welcome to the second month of this year. Download the free printable calendar templates of February 2019 in Word, Excel, and PDF in the blank format so that you can edit them later. February is the shortest of all months with the length of 28 days unless it is a leap year. Presenting you editable and blank February 2019 printable calendars in different formats. Simple yet crucial for daily uses like event planning, exam planning, project making, wedding organizing, etc. These February 2019 calendar templates will also help you in getting the desired goals on time. We’ve also covered festivals and holidays coming this month. Check all of them below.

February 2019 Printable Calendar Template

Normally, this month have a length of 28 days but every four years, it has 29 days and that year is called leap year. February is the only month in today’s Gregorian calendar which has less than 30 days. January and February were the last two months to be added to the Roman calendar. We’ve provided you free printable calendar template for this month in MS Word format. It is editable and printable. So get it right now.

february 2019 printable calendar


February 2019 Blank Calendar Template

Now is the time to download blank February 2019 calendar template. Having a free blank 2019 monthly template includes lots of benefits. One can write on particular date whatever he/she wants. In this way, it acts as the reminder. Users can also write notes for the important meetings, discussions etc. Again, this template is available in MS Word format.

february 2019 blank calendar


February 2019 Calendar With Holidays

Time to download February 2019 holidays calendar template. If you are looking for a calendar template featured with holidays and festivals which you can edit later, then you’ve just landed to your desired page. February month marks the Birthday of Lincoln which is on 12 February. On 14th Feb, there will be Valentine’s Day of course. There is one Federal holiday in the United States. The President’s Day will be celebrated on 18 Feb.

february 2019 holidays calendar printable


February 2019 Excel Printable Calendar

Get ready to download free February 2019 excel calendar. It is supportable with  Microsoft Excel 2007 or above as well as with Google Sheets. Better call it a spreadsheet template as it is available in the .xls format. Useful for office work, exam scheduling, project planning, etc.

2019 excel monthly calendar printable


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February 2019 PDF Printable Calendar

Last but not the least, presenting the free February 2019 pdf calendar in the .pdf format for all users. In Finnish, this month is called as heimikuu which means the “month of the pearl”, when the snow melts on tree branches, it forms droplets. Well, it was a quite interest fact about this month. You focus on downloading. Save it directly or your device or take a print copy instantly.

2019 pdf monthly calendar


With this, we’ve provided almost all February 2019 printable calendar templates. So download them and extract the best from this month to get the desired goals.

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