August 2020 Calendar Mobile HD Wallpapers

August 2020 Calendar Mobile Wallpapers: Looking for high quality calendar wallpapers of August month for your mobile background screen? Well, you’ve landed to correct page as this page is featured with such high definition calendars. Just like previous months, I’ve made a dedicated collection of wallpapers for August month also. Try something different this time as new pictures featured with monthly calendar are now available. Crafted with unique pictures, the all new collection provides you 5 wallpapers for your smartphone. Get ready to give a new look to your mobile background with latest calendar wallpapers.

August 2020 Calendar Mobile Wallpapers

August is the 8th month which has 31 days. It was named for Augustus Caesar who become Roman consul in this month. In years immediately before common years, August starts on the same day of the week as May of the following year, and in years immediately before leap years, October of the following year. Enough talk about this month, so now let’s move to our main topic for which you landed on this page.

Have a break to and travel the world

If you are tired of working hard in the first seven months of this year, then this is good time to have a break and travel the world. Celebrate special days like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. at a place which is new to you.

august 2020 calendar hd wallpaper
August 2020 Calendar Mobile Wallpaper

Unique August 2020 calendar wallpaper

Try something different wallpaper designed with watercolors featuring ice inspired flight balloons. This calendar can be used as home screen or lock screen background and is also capable of making plans for this month.

august 2020 calendar hd wallpaper
Ice-cream balloon flight inspired wallpaper

Horses inspired wallpaper for the horse lovers

Those who loves horses and looking for such calendar wallpaper should have a look at this wallpaper. Featuring the monthly August calendar, this high definition pic is all yours.

august 2020 calendar hd wallpaper
August Calendar Phone Wallpaper

August 2020 mobile wallpaper for nature lovers

Feel the freshness of nature and stay refreshed throughout this month with new nature inspired August 2020 mobile calendar wallpaper. Combination of sky, clouds, trees, river, mountains makes this quite different from the others.

august 2020 calendar hd wallpaper
Nature inspired August wallpaper

Cute green colored frog on a leaf

An enormous amount of beauty is hidden in the nature but, it can be seen when you really want to see it. In the end, there is a cute green colored frog who is sitting on same colored leaf. Use it as your mobile wallpaper and see how it looks. Our August 2020 calendar designs are now available. You can try these also.

august 2020 calendar hd wallpaper
Cute Frog August 2020 Wallpaper

All of these wallpapers are compatible for Apple iPhone, Android smartphones, and other gadgets. They can be also used as wall calendars at your home. Try our printable August 2020 calendar collection which is featured with different templates.

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