Minimalist July 2020 Printable Calendar Templates

Minimalist July 2020 Printable Calendar: Hello design lovers! Looking for minimalist calendar templates of this month? Well, you’ve landed to the correct page as it is featured with your stuff. Presenting you the stylish and cool vector minimalist July calendars in wide range of selection. Plan out your month with the help of this printable stuff. Print them and use on your walls. They will never damage your walls or leave behind any sticky residue but you have to be careful about choosing the sticking material. Suitable for students, parents, teachers, office workers, and more!

Minimalist July 2020 Printable Calendar Templates

In each hemisphere, it is the seasonal equivalent of January in the other hemisphere In the North, it is summer and in the South it is winter. July is often the warmest month of the year, and major sporting events and music festivals are held around this time. In the Southern Hemisphere, it is a winter month, with the coldest recorded temperate having been measured in Antarctica in this month.

The very first day of Canada is celebrated as the National Day in Canada. The United States celebrates the 4th day of this month as Independence Day. 6th of July is the Independence Day of Venezuela, Algeria, Cape Verde, Malawi, and of Comoros. There are so many countries who celebrates Independence day in this month. Let’s get back to our main topic. We were discussing about the minimalist templates. So here they are.

July 2020 Minimalist Printable Calendar

Let’s begin this collection with black and white combination of minimalist July template. Actually, all templates are available in same color combination. Featured with tilted July 2020 font and monthly calendar. Our July 2020 desk calendar is ready for you.

minimalist july 2020 calendar
July 2020 Minimalist Calendar

Black and White Unique Minimalist Template

For those who wants something unique but simple in design. Capable of using as a pocket calendar also. It is provided with a free hand writing font and whole month calendar which is ideal for making plans or notes or anything you want.

minimalist july 2020 calendar
Black White July Minimalist Calendar

July 2020 Minimalist Calendar Template

Want different style? Presenting another printable template capable of making your management smooth and flexible. Decorate your walls with our printable July wall calendars.  Easy to save and easy to print with any gadget. It can also be drawn on any paper just with a pen/pencil. Easy! Isn’t it?

minimalist july 2020 calendar
Minimalist July 2020 Calendar Template

Would you like a simple template instead?

For those who wants simple but impressive stuff. Simplicity does works when you keep on making things simple. Looking for a July 2020 wall calendar? What about this minimalist template? Try it once and see if it adds some beauty to your House or Office walls.

minimalist july 2020 calendar
Simple Minimalist July 2020 Design

So that’s all about the minimalist July 2020 printable calendar. I hope you like this collection. If you like it, you may also like floral July 2020 calendar designed for different activities. July’s flower is a variety of the water lily. Its birthstone is the ruby. The meaning for the birthstone ruby is contented mind. Astrological signs for this month are Cancer and Leo.

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