Wednesday , 21 March 2018


April Month Interesting Facts And Trivia

April month facts

Brace yourselves to know more about the month of April as we are going to share some interesting facts. Calendarbuzz proudly presents you facts and trivia of April month with some observances also. This is the 4th month of today’s modern calendar or what you can say Gregorian calendar. It was originally the second month in the Ancient Roman calendar ... Read More »

March Month Interesting Facts And Trivia

March month facts

Here are interesting and amazing facts about March month that will shock you. March is the third month which has the total length of 31 days. People who are born in the March month wants to know the facts and we are providing you just what you are looking for. March born facts with figures and observances are available on ... Read More »

February Interesting Facts That You Should Know

February Month Facts

Get ready for some interesting facts and figures about the month of February. It is the second month of today’s modern calendar or you can say Gregorian calendar. February has 28 days in the normal year and 29 days during a Leap Year. If you are born in this month, then you should know about cool facts about February. The ... Read More »

Interesting January Month Facts And Trivia

January Month Facts

Do you know facts about January? Well, there are some interesting facts about the month of January that you should know. Calendarbuzz provides you January facts and trivia. It is the first month of today’s modern calendar which was not available in ancient Roman calendar. January month is known to have 31 days and its first day is called New ... Read More »