February Interesting Facts That You Should Know

Get ready for some interesting facts and figures about the month of February. It is the second month of today’s modern calendar or you can say Gregorian calendar. February has 28 days in the normal year and 29 days during a Leap Year. If you are born in this month, then you should know about cool facts about February. The month was not included in the Ancient Roman calendar as it was added later along with January by Numa Pompilius. Scroll down this page for the facts. You may also like to read January month facts.

February Month Facts

Interesting Facts About February Month

  1. February was the only month with an even number of days in Julius Caesar’s calendar of 45BC. All other months had 29 or 31 days during that time.
  2. This year [2018], February will pass with no full moon. This is because of 28 days in this month.
  3. Malcolm Campbell reached the speed of over 281,447 kph in Bluebird on the Pendine Sands in Wales. It was the new land speed record.
  4. Birthday of 1ts US President George Washington falls in this month. It is on 22nd of February.
  5. Amethyst is the birthstone, while Aquarius and Pisces are the zodiac signs of the month.
  6. Primrose and Viola are the birth flowers of February.
  7. Princess Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain on 6th February 1952.
  8. 21st of February is celebrated as International Mother Language Day around the World.
  9. February is Hot Breakfast Month and National Pet Dental Health Month in the United States.
  10. This month is named after the purification ritual Februa, which was a sort of early Roman spring cleaning festival.

Facts About People Borin In February Month

It’s time to know facts about those people who are born in the month of February.

  1. People born in this month are likely to be artists. According to Zodiac sign, they are either Aquarius or a Pisces.
  2. February born people are likely to be famous. They are creative and imaginative problem-solving persons. Many well-known people are born in this month.
  3. If you are born on Leap Year day, you are officially just one year old in four years. This means you have to wait until the year 2020 to celebrate your exact birthday.
  4. There is a health-related fact about February born people. People who are born in this month are likely to suffer from sleep disorders.
  5. The month brings the number of major days like Black History Month, Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, and President’s Day. So it a good month to be born.

February Month Observances In United States

  • American Heart Month
  • Black History Month
  • National Bird-Feeding Month
  • National Children’s Dental Health Month
  • Season for Nonviolence
  • Turner Syndrome Awareness Month

February Name in Different Languages

  • Croatian: Veljaca
  • Danish: Februar
  • Dutch: Februari
  • Italian: Febbraio
  • Latin: Februarius
  • Finnish: Helmikuu
  • French: Fevrier
  • German: Februar
  • Portuguese: Fevereiro
  • Spanish: Febrero
  • Turkish: Subat

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