June Month Facts And Figures With Images

June Month Facts: Brace yourself to know some interesting facts and figures of June month with images and pictures that you can share with others on social platforms. As we are about to enter this month, let’s have a look at some shocking facts about the month of June. It is the last month of the first half of the year which generally the hot month in the Northern Hemisphere. In order to make plans for this month, I’ve already shared the printable calendar of June along with June calendar wallpapers for our users that you can download for free. Now let’s talk about the facts for which you visited here.

June Month Facts And Figures With Images

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June Month Fact no. 3
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  • June was the 39th most popular name for a baby girl in 1925 in English-speaking countries but it dropped out of the top thousand in 1986. As a boy’s name, it peaked in 697th place in 1922.
  • This month has the longest daylight hours in the Northern Hemisphere. The summer solstice also falls in this month. This year, it will be on the 21st of June.
  • According to the pre-Caesar initial Roman calendar, the month of June comprised of 29 days instead of 30. When the winter days were provided with two months and more days were added to the calendar, the month of June was provided with one additional day.
  • The Romans called this month “lunius” or Junius, but it is unclear whether this was after Juno, goddess of marriage, or whether May and June were named for the old and young: ‘maiores‘ and ‘juniores‘.
  • Father’s day falls in this month and in 2019, it will be on 16 June.
  • Honeysuckle and Rose are the birth flowers of June month. A rose, in general, indicates love or desire. Specific roses may relate to other messages. For example, a white rose may mean “silence” or “new beginnings,” while a yellow rose signifies “jealousy.”
  • It is also known as the international men’s month.
  • There’s a type of bug that’s named after the month of June known as June Beetle. These beetles are seen only during the month of May and June, in the United States of America. These bugs survive on the young leaves of trees and plants.
  • In any year, no month begins on the same day of the week as June. Check it out!
  • World Environment Day is celebrated on 5th June. The month is also known for National Rose month, National Dairy Month.
  • Gemini and Cancer are the Zodiac signs of June month.
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